Longshot Coffee | Espresso Bars
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Experience the lifestyle of luxury espresso

Mobile Espresso Bars

Professionally trained in the traditional Artisan methods of espresso, your personal baristas bring a level of service and knowledge to any setting.


A great compliment to any high end wedding is one of our classic antique espresso bars. All our machines are custom built to give you that ornate, antique look whilst still featuring the best standards in espresso machine engineering. With brass or copper detailing, our machines add a wow factor to any wedding design.

Utilize the service for dessert or feature the espresso bar from the pre ceremony to the dinner and post reception. Whatever you choose it’s the perfect way to keep everyone caffeinated and charged up during a day that can be exhausting for so many.


TV & Movie Sets

Being based in the TV and Movie Mecca of Los Angeles, we are on call 24 hours a day, ready to come rescue the busiest and hard working productions. We can come at any time of the day, whether it be for a 5am start or for a night shoot at 2am.

Having become the ‘go to’ espresso bar service for many of LA’s major studios, we have an impressive referral list and have been the preferred espresso bar for many of the longest running TV shows today.

School Events & Festivals

Every school festival needs espresso! Here we can cater for every child, parent or teacher. We offer a huge selection of drinks from blended coffee drinks, to fresh fruit smoothies and of course your traditional latte or mocha.

We also understand the importance of giving back so we are always willing to give a percentage of sales back to the school or charity.


Realtors/Brokers Open House

Gone are the days of baking cookies in the oven to entice a potential property buyer! What better compliment than one of our beautifully designed espresso bars. Place us in the back yard or kitchen area, we will custom design our espresso bar to match the décor and look of each individual property.

Nothing excites a potential buyer or broker more than being greeted with an iced latte on a summers day or a hot mocha on a cold day.

Award Shows

Having worked with some of Hollywood’s major award show producers for over 5 years now, we are well equipped to partner with any award show that comes our way.

Whether it’s espresso bars on the red carpet, or setting up in the green rooms or press areas, our espresso drinks never disappoint and always help with the vigorous workloads of all involved with producing these shows.


Office Appreciation Day

Whether you are a law firm, advertising agency or I.T Company, nothing promotes morale and energizes your work force more than a jolt of caffeine from our espresso bars.  Each week we find ourselves set up in an open office conference room or lobby for 2 or 3 hours, serving all the staff whatever espresso based drinks they can think of.

We provide our services weekly, monthly and annually to some of LA’s largest companies. These include entertainment, law, advertising, I.T and fashion.


Whether you are working with the food and beverage department of any convention center, or you are the show organizer, or a small booth operator within the show, we can provide our espresso bar service for you. Our selection of customized espresso bars suits the look, size and feel of any scenario you were looking for.

From doing a small set up for VIP clients at a fashion show, to providing concession stands for all the show attendees to enjoy.